Oak Park Residents Summer Vacation Areas

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One of the prides of Oak Park is its high standard of living. Not only is it a very equal town, but it is also a high-income earning town. This means that the town can makes major infrastructure investments like schools, parks, libraries, etc., and provides its citizens with world-class amenities.

This also means that most people who live in Oak Park probably have homes elsewhere. In fact, if you have lived in the area for any amount of time, you will surely notice that in the summertime, many people tend to be out of town.

It’s hard to find two or three homes in a row where the entire family is around during the summer because so many of the residents are away in their summer cottages camping on the lake.

Where is the Most Common Lake Cabin?

Out of curiosity of the Oak Park Journal staff and a number of our readers, we wanted to see the top spots for summer cabins. Where do our town’s resident’s spend their summers?

Unsurprisingly, we found that most of them spend their summer days and nights in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Since so many of our residents seem to go there, I am sure that you have heard of this mid-sized city in Western Michigan, but let me give you a little detail in case you don’t know.

Grand Rapids is a local hotspot in West Michigan about three or so hours north of here. It is a mid-sized city of about 150,000 people located on the Grand River. There are a few smaller lakes in the area, but it is roughly 45 minutes from some of the best beach houses that Lake Michigan can offer.

Why Grand Rapids?

Many of the people in Oak Park signal Grand Rapids to be their summer getaway because of its close (relative) distance, and the amenities itself has. Since it still has a sizable population, it’s not as if you are living in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone reception, no radio, no TV, etc., and if you want to get rural, you can find rural areas quite quickly.

Grand Rapids has also made a name for itself as Beer City, USA, so there are many different breweries around the town that people enjoy from all over the country. It really is a great little area; sort of a smaller version of Portland Oregon.

In our surveys, we found people locating to East Grand Rapids and Comstock Park. These are both affluent areas in the Grand Rapids community that boast high property values, good neighborhoods, great schools, and amazing amenities.

Home Values in Grand Rapids

Compared to Oak Park, homes in Grand Rapids are quite affordable—even luxury homes. Some of the highest prices homes in this area are the median prices for homes in Oak Park. This was another common reason for vacation in Grand Rapids—you get more bang for your buck.

Even if you want a luxury home, there are realtors that specialize in luxury homes in Grand Rapids that can help you get a beautiful home for a fraction of what you would pay in Oak Park.

If you add all of this up, it makes Grand Rapids sounds pretty attractive, which is why so many people go there in the summertime.

Maybe you just might find yourself there someday. If you do, give a call or send us picture! We can have it featured on the site.