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February 26, 2005

Hunt and Kill - U-505 and the U-boat War in the Atlantic

Review by Ed Vincent

Hunt and Kill - U-505 and the U-boat War in the Atlantic, by
Mr. Theodore P Savas, Ed. is a collection of incredibly
informative history of one of the perilous times in the history
of the world, whey U-boats could do as they pleased and could
very well have won the war for Germany.

If the book is not in the standard required reading for young
submariners from the Naval Academy, it should be.  The
book is a collaboration of numerous experts on sub warfare
and histories of the naval conflict.

This book comes at a very opportune time, since it was less
than a year ago that the large U-505 was removed from her
resting place at the Museum of Science and Industry and moved
to an underground facility where she will be cleaned and preserved
for all time.  Many have taken the tours in decades since her
arrival, and now many will have the chance to find out some
fun and interesting facts about her capture, history, and her
being held in secret until the end of the war.

You will learn that the U-505 was the first warship to be captured by
our Navy since the War of 1812 with England.  There are also no
other captured boats from the war anywhere in the world.  The
book is a tremendous collection of submarine history and tactics,
where and how the refueled, were repaired, and the short comings
of each.  You will learn about all the different kinds of subs that
were used and how each worked best to its task.  The writers who
were assembled in this collection are varied and extremely
knowledgeable historically and biographically.  This is a good
read for the novice, and expert in submarine warfare of the
World War II.  Since I have seen the U-505 since I could walk
I was pleased to know more about her and her past

"Highly recommended for those wanting to know  more about
the U-505 and the story she played in the War."  OPJ

Signed copies of this book are available from the publisher:

You can email inquiries to:
Postal Address:
Savas Beatie LLC
P.O. Box 4527
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

$32.95 plus $4.50 shipping (USA only). Overseas customers are welcome, you can inquire as to shipping costs.

The U505 Makes Another Journey, this one to a Safer
Harbor in the Museum of Science and Industry, protected
from the Harsh Elements of  the Seasonal Changes in

The U505 in Lake Michigan being escorted by local
pleasure craft. (after WWII)
photo courtesy MSI archives

The U505 in the Locks of the Saint Lawrence Seaway
photo courtesy MSI archives


<>A Solemn moment for all and thanks to the Armed Services for all their sacrifice.
© Oak Park Journal photo
Some of the brave souls who captured the U-505.
© Oak Park Journal photo

© Oak Park Journal photo

Oak Park Journal Story of the U-505 Move, on April 8th, 2004

Click Here to go the Museum of Science and Industry Site for a lot of fun and informative material on the U505l