The Oak Park Journal supports the efforts of the many who are concerned with keeping Oak Park's Parks working for the benefit of the citizens on levels - youth to adult.

The Parks have done a wonderful
job for the kids and parents in Oak Park for years.  We strongly
encourage you to Vote YES on
April 5th for the Parks.   We
would also like to see some
outdoor chess tables in some of
the parks and to see perhaps the
Historical Society be given some
room in one of the Park's buildings
like the Stevenson Center.  Some
of the funds for this could come
from the next Village board who
will have an additional million or
so from tax they will have collected for the benefit of the
Oak Park Journal Endorsements for
April 5, 2005 Elections

There are many fine and dedicated people willing to help all us by offering  their service, some with and many more without any pay offered for their work.  We want to thank all of those persons who have felt the calling and made the effort to seek elected office.  The part that is always difficult is choosing the person we feel best fits the specific job and keeping in mind that their are often equally strong persons with plenty of expericence and vision and the limiting factor is that they both can not serve
if there is position for only one.  The same is true when there is an opening for four positions and five or six people have applied to be elected for the openings.

We have made our choices below.

David Pope for President

Mr. Pope has stepped away from any organized party, but
has also shown his clear thinking and informed ways on
many issues.  After he was informed by us of our leaning
towards the endorsing of another candidate we spent an hour
and a half discussing issues and concerns that we had and
Mr. Pope impressed us so much with his answers and sincere
responses to many difficult questions, that he won the endorsement.  Some of our reporters had already commmented
that they had felt Mr. Pope was best suited to bridgeing the gap
between different facets of the board, and when it was all added
up Mr. Pope is our clear choice.  We are pleased that Mr. Milstein is on the board and he will remain on the board if not
elected to President and we hope that Mr. Milstein will have
another board member from the NLP with him as we endorse
Mr. Geoff Baker for trustee.

Sandra Sokol for Clerk

Sandra Sokol is one of the nicest citizens in all of Oak Park.  When there is fundraiser for the Fire Department or a gathering of residents to help another, you will find Sandra there.  Ms. Sokol has embraced this job with all of her heart and for the
time she puts in, she is making less than minimum wage.  She should get a raise and take longer vacations.  Her office runs
smoothly serving Oak Park and when things get busy she will
be out there helping you with forms or assisting you in any way
that she can, and her office staff like her - for good reasons.

Mas Takiguchi for Trustee

Mas Takiguchi is a citizen who has saved thousands and
thousands of dollars for taxpayers, by his stewardship of
funds and accounts while heading up the RESCORP organization.  Mr. Takiguchi is also the father of two wonderful
children, a lucky man with a wonderful wife, and the proud
owner of a rescue pound puppy (and he is looking for another
one.)  Mr. Takiguchi is a smart lawyer, and enlightened business man, and an Oak Parker with a heart of gold.

Dorothy Reid for Trustee

Dorothy Reid is a life long Oak Park resident and her family
has deep roots within our Village.  Her mother has helped make
Oak Park a living and breathing region of our country, that is
a welcome place for people of all diverse backgrounds to feel
at home.  This is a dream that the young Dorothy grew up with and when she grew older she did what she could to continue her
families chosen mission.  Ms. Reid was on the District 97 School
Board and the leader of the Oak Park Branch of the NAACP.
She has a hopeful outlook and positive image that has helped
her continue in her efforts of making this town a better place.

Geoff Baker for Trustee

Geoff Baker is the man who will help Mr. Milstein on the
board.  Mr. Baker is also a past peace corp volunteer, like
Mr. David Pope, and that by itself gets you extra points on
your dance card to philanthropy.  He is also a lawyer, and
a man with a vision of a better Oak Park.  Mr. Baker is
happy to be in Oak Park and he wants things to head in a
different direction than has been shown in the past to some.
His voice will be a good representation for the Oak Parkers
who want a dog facility,  more respect for historic buildings,
and an open planing environment that is honest and fair to
one and all.

Oak Park School District 97
Member of the Board of Education
Vote for 3 (Full 4-year Term)
Carolyn Newberry Schwartz           Punch   237
A hard working gifted member of the current school
board.  A person with vision and heart.

Victor Guarino                               Punch
Endorsed and admired by many who know him well. Mr. Guarino has remained current on the issues facing our school
children, and his education and vocation point to his own appreciation of a good education. 

Julie Blankemeier                           Punch
Julie Blankemeier is a smart woman with an eye on the budget.
She will keep a close watch on expenses and the amount of
funds that used for outside consultants.

Oak Park Park District
Park Commissioner
Vote for 2
(Full 4-year Term) 

Marty Bracco    Punch 155
Christine Graves

Both of these candidates come with great recommendations
from the existing Board members.  They have no opposition
and that indicates the citizens approval of the fine job done
by the likes of life long Oak Parker Tim Kelley and the entire
Park Board and staff.

Oak Park Township
Township Supervisor
Vote for 1 (Full 4-year Term)
F. David Boulanger         80

Oak Park Township
Township Clerk
Vote for 1 (Full 4-year Term)    

Gregory P. White         84

Oak Park Township
Township Assessor
Vote for 1 (Full 4-year Term) 

Ali Elsaffar         88

Oak Park Township
Township Collector
Vote for 1 (Full 4-year Term)  

Mary T. Cozzens         92

Oak Park Township
Township Trustee
Vote for 4 (Full 4-year Term)   

Eric E. Davis         104

There are five people vying for four positions, and the
only one who had his background and views listed on
the Voterinfo website was Mr. Davis.  "I am an architect
and a planner, with 20 years’ experience designing public projects, everything from neighborhood schools and fieldhouses to the Design Guidelines for Grant Park. Throughout my
career, I have usually worked directly with community
groups and government agencies to develop consensus-driven projects that reflect the desires of their stakeholders."  Sounds
very good to us.

Village of Oak Park
Library Trustee
Vote for 4 (Full 4-year Term)    

Matthew Fruth                  Punch  42
Deanne "Dee" Leonard   
Punch  44
Mila Tellez       
Punch  46
Jim Egeberg     

Oak Park and River Forest High School District 200 Member of the Board of Education
Vote for 4 (Full 4-year Term)    

Dietra D. Millard     
Punch   269
John Rigas               
Punch   271
Valerie J. Fisher       
Punch   275
Jacques A. Conway 
Punch   277

Triton Community College District 504
Members of the Board of Trustees
Vote for 2 (Full 6-year Term)   

Merrill M. Becker       
Punch  308
Alfonza Al McKinnor 
Punch  310

Cicero Township Trustees of Schools,
Township 39N, Range 13E
Township School Trustee
Vote for 1 (Full 6-year Term) 

William (Bill) B. Sullivan     Punch 350

Bill Sullivan is local star in Oak Park, and a bright star
at that.  He worked with others, but led the effort to
start an Oak Park and River Forest Alumni Association.
He has welcomed many new residents into Oak Park
buy selling them homes in our town.  Mr. Sullivan has
also graced the stage in Oak Park in the Sound of Music,
in the starring role.  He has served on numerous boards
and organizations and supported the arts and education with
every fiber of his existence.  This is the kind of person that
you want watching and helping to disperse funds into our
community.  Bill Sullivan also has three young children and
a wife who is an Oak Park school teacher.

Click here to read Bill Sullivan's announcement.

Click here to have a smaller printable sheet of our endorsements.

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