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April 11, 2005

Michelle Citrin Performing at Dominican University’s
 Mazzuchelli Hall
on March 15, 2005

© Oak Park Journal photo
review by Ed Vincent

Michelle Citrin is a talented writer/singer in today's wild world.
She is spirited, funny, and a damn good talent.  Her writing is
pensive and reflective of all of our lives.  Her first album has
but four songs on it, but they are all good songs and more tunes
are already out-just waiting for some recording sessions.  Her
work is so good when compared with some of the pop music
that is produced, that we are all hoping that she is soon signed
to a major label and given the stage she should have.

She is an accomplished guitar and harmonica
player, but her
singing and writing are her forte.  She has the will to suceed,
and the drive (though a small car) to make it all happen.

She bills herself as short, but her height is the only small measure
of this young woman.  Her parents might very well have wished
her to stay in College, but the joy she will bring to her public is
also a healthy thing for the world. 

We can't wait for her next album, it should be a smash hit.
Good luck on your travels Ms. Citrin and all our best wishes.

Songwriter, guitarist Craig Wilson, accompanies Michelle Citrin in back up guitar and part-time driver on their cross country tour.
© Oak Park Journal photo


Catch Michelle Citrin’s Soulful Voice, Skillful Guitar Playing And Up-beat Quirky Antics In The Chicago Area

Not much over five feet tall, 23 year-old Michelle Citrin is a little
girl with a big sound.  Born and raised in the Jersey suburbs,
Michelle Citrin gathered a faithful following while attending Rutgers University.  Inspired by the honest lyrics of the Indigo girls, mixed with the smooth styles of Aimee Mann and Natalie Merchant,
Citrin’s original pop-folk songs are sung straight from her heart,
full of passion with a gentle touch of the blues.

Citrin’s song, “Dark Refrain,” originally written on piano, won first place at William Paterson University’s annual film festival and took Michelle to the Kudzu Film Festival.  Whether opening a sold out show for Top 20 Billboard pop star, Michelle Branch, or performing in an intimate set at a coffeehouse in Melbourne, Australia, Citrin’s soulful voice, skillful guitar playing and up-beat, quirky antics capture the eyes and ears of her audience who get the feeling that they are in the presence of someone who is doing exactly what she is meant to do.

Songwriter and performer Michelle Citrin will perform a daytime show for the Chicago community

Tuesday, March 15 at 12 p.m.

Dominican University’s Mazzuchelli Hall 

Open and free of charge