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February 14, 2005

Book Review and Author Appearance
Bestselling mystery novelist, Stephanie Kane, gives presentation at Barbara’s Bookstore    February 16th   7:30p.m.

Seeds of Doubt
by Stephanie Kane
review by Erica DuLac

Whether you are a crime mystery buff or if you have
just had too much Valentine sweetness in the last few
days, you will find Seeds of Doubt a good read. 

When a six-year old goes missing, just after a
child-killer is released the Denver community focuses
there.  But see who else pops up.  Seeds of Doubt
carries you along with enough plot twists to keep you
curious, while your distaste for human frailties wants
you to close the book.  Is your compassion misplaced?
Is Defense Attorney Jackie
Flowers compassion
misplaced. You'll only know if you keep reading. 

Stephanie Kane also wrote Extreme Indifference; Quiet
Time and Blind Spot.

The author will be at Barbara's Bookstore in Oak Park
on Wednesday, February 16th at 7:30 pm.  For public
transportation or driving directions or more details
just click

Winter is snowy across the Midwest but for author Stephanie Kane this season has been a welcome blizzard of awards and bestseller listings.  SEEDS OF DOUBT, her latest legal thriller, made the Denver Post Bestseller List within two weeks of its recent release. It also reached number three on the Rocky Mountain News Bestseller List.  To top it off, the Post included SEEDS OF DOUBT on
its annual holiday fiction recommendations list. This Denver, CO author will be blowing into Illinois soon.  Already the recipient of  the 2004 Colorado Authors League Award for Genre Fiction,  EXTREME INDIFFERENCE (Pocket Star Books; November 2004, now in paperback)  just won the 2004 Colorado
Book Award for Best Mystery. And now mystery fans in Illinois will get a chance to learn some of Kane’s secrets when she talks about writing mysteries.   

This one-hour presentation at Barbara’s Bookstore is about how one writer developed a unique and interesting character:  a dyslexic criminal defense attorney.

    Barbara’s Bookstore is located at 1100 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL. The author will be on hand before the presentation to chat with readers and autograph copies of her books.  Kane is a seasoned presenter at bookstores and libraries, and a favorite of book clubs and mystery fans. She will talk about Seeds Of Doubt and its predecessor in the Jackie Flowers series, Extreme Indifference. As the protagonist in the series is dyslexic and learning disabilities are an issue the author works with closely, Kane will discuss this aspect of her character and the many ways it affects both her personal and professional lives. 

Judging by Kane’s recent deluge of literary successes it is understandable that Publishers Weekly predicted,  “Kane deserves to join the ranks of the big-time legal-thriller eagles.”  With SEEDS OF DOUBT, her fourth book, now storming its way across the country, mystery fans might be well advised to make their way through sleet and snow, to Barbara’s Bookstore on February 16th at 7:30 p.m.
Stephanie Kane was born in Brooklyn, NY and now lives in Denver with her husband, a federal judge. With B.A. and law degrees from the University of Colorado, she clerked for the Colorado Supreme Court, was a partner in a top Denver law firm, and a criminal defense attorney.  Her first Jackie Flowers novel, Blind Spot, was published in 2000, and her thriller, Quiet Time, came out in 2001.  For more information about this event call 303-756-6422, or go to

SEEDS OF DOUBT              
A Jackie Flowers Crime Novel By Stephanie Kane
Publisher: Scribners (A division of Simon & Schuster)
November, 2004      ISBN 0-7432-4557-1                               
Hardcover, 304 pages; $25.00

Criminal defense lawyer Jackie Flowers is a heroine you’re not likely to forget.  She’s quick on her feet, brilliant in the courtroom, and has a way of finding herself in precarious situations. She also suffers from dyslexia, a condition that makes her fast-paced, high-intensity job even more challenging when things heat up.  In SEEDS OF DOUBT (Scribner; November 2, 2004; 0-7432-4557-1), the third book in Stephanie Kane’s Jackie Flowers series, this true-to-life sleuth must get
to the bottom of a pair of horrifyingly similar murders – both of which hit a little too close to home.

“Kane deserves to join the ranks of the big-time legal-thriller eagles.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A fast-paced, satisfying ride that succeeds in raising some interesting questions... The novel's climax is heart- stopping, and its conclusion just right.”

—The Denver Post

A Jackie Flowers Crime Novel By Stephanie Kane
Publisher: Pocket Star Books Paperback (A division of Simon & Schuster)
Publication Date: November 2004   ISBN: 0-7434-6681-0
Price: $6.99

Stephanie Kane’s uniquely complex heroine, Jackie Flowers, returns in the richly authentic psychological legal thriller EXTREME INDIFFERENCE (Pocket Star Books; November 2004; $6.99) which is full of judicial corruption and clandestine menace.

Kane’s uncommonly crafty heroine proves an entertaining and eye-opening guide to the tough skin needed to make it in the legal world (especially if you have considerable trouble reading).  Readers will be equally captivated by Kane’s authenticity, colorful characters, and natural gift for storytelling.  EXTREME INDIFFERENCE is a thrilling read mystery enthusiasts will not want to miss.

“The story is both fast-moving and intriguing…Kane, a lawyer who is married
to a federal judge,knows both her protagonist and the legal terrain well.”

—San Francisco Chronicle