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The Lions of Tsavo : Exploring the Legacy of Africa's Notorious Man-Eaters
by Bruce D. Patterson
review by Ed Vincent

Mr. Patterson does a wonderful job of researching and investigating just about every known case of lion predation upon humans in Africa.  This book alone is
worth one or two doctoral thesis's, if the writer was
not already a Ph.d.  The notes and references are quite extensive and the groundwork both in books and time on the actual soil of Africa is well represented in this fine work of engaging writing. 

I had read some of the earlier books from the other
Patterson ( not related to Bruce Patterson), Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson (1865-1947) the man who made the Lions of Tsavo famous, after killing them, writing his memoirs of their horrific deeds, and selling their remains to Field Museum in Chicago.

In his book we find the many other wild beasts of
Africa and India that have chosen humans as meals, and some thoughtful explanations as to how and 

The books reads well and clearly gives information
to the reader of all backgrounds.  I remember in my youth that many felt wild animals only ate people when they were in some way unable or injured in
a manner that prohibited their eating wild game. 

This book will tell you how that is no longer a
popular belief among persons in the know. 

I had read years ago another reason why it was thought lions might be eating humans and the reason was merely that we tasted good.  In Patterson's book he does note that we taste sweeter than the other 
great apes (reported by a cannibal from Africa ) but does not tell us what we taste like.  Knowing numerous anthropologists you will soon learn that we taste like pork.  So the other white meat may in fact be humans as well as pork.  I am sorry if you are having BBQ tonight, to have mentioned that.

The book is well worth a good read and you will have a better understanding of nature, man, disease, and ecology in general.

Field Museum Site with more information.

Link to expeditions of Tsavo