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Thesps and Contributors Matthew Modine and
Frances Fisher add their words and writings to
a new book. 
Matthew Modine and Frances Fisher
are currently performing at the Goodman Theatre
in "Finishing the Picture".
review by Ed Vincent
The book is very well written, by a whole multitude of
individuals in the acting arts.  I was surprised at the diversity
of issues, many that are not front page news or even known
by many Americans.  This book is about a full spectrum of
views, very informative and entertaining.  There are a few
writers  who are certifiable and I want to thank the editor for
keeping them in, humor is always needed from time to time.

The vast majority though are not only thoughtful, but thought
provoking.  I would like to see a book like this done by the
entire Congress of the United States to the citizens of this
land-and in their own hand.

Most of the entries are but a few pages and it is quite
easy to read many on your morning commute or with a
fresh java in the morning. 
"Highly recommended."  OPJ


IF YOU HAD FIVE MINUTES WITH THE PRESIDENT (Harper Entertainment, $19.95), edited and with a foreword by Ron Reagan.  A non-partisan collection of essays, IF YOU HAD FIVE MINUTES... represents thought-provoking testimonials by members and supporters (listed below) of the Creative Coalition, the national political activist group for the performing arts.

Surprising and diverse, these essays span comedy, tragedy, criticism and desperation.  They call for mercy for the sick, education for the poor, and a marked improvement in presidential grammar. They address funding for the arts, gay rights, stem cell research, animal protection, terrorism,
war, peace, taxes, and other hot button topics in new ways and from both sides of every issue.


Tom Arnold
Sean Astin
Bob Balaban
Richard Belzer
Lawrence Bender
Phillip Bloch
Barry Bostwick
Margaret Carlson
Tucker Carlson
Eleanor Clift
Kenneth Cole
Stephen Collins
Chris Cooper
Peter Coyote
Catherine Crier
Alan Cumming
John Paul   DeJoria
Fran Drescher
Minnie Driver
Patty Duke
Hallie Eisenberg
Hector Elizondo
Giancarlo   Esposito
Morgan Fairchild
Mike Farrell
Antwone Fisher
Frances Fisher
Tom Fontana
Janeane Garofalo
Tony Goldwyn
Charles Grodin
Harry Hamlin
Patricia Hearst
Christie Hefner
Lauren Holly
David Henry Hwang
Bianca Jagger
Garland Jeffreys
CK Lawford
 Michele Lee
Juliette Lewis
Richard Lewis
Mary Stuart Masterson
Tim Matheson
Eric McCormack
Michael Medved
Matthew Modine
Sam Moore
Kathy Najimy
Joe Pantoliano
Joe Piscopo
Amanda Plummer
Caroline Rhea
Jane Seymour
Harry Shearer
Ron Silver
Daniel Stern
Fisher Stevens
Jerry Stiller
Montel Williams
Peter Yarrow
Kathleen York