Lyric Opera of Chicago
now closed
"Street Scene"

Sam Kaplan ( GREGORY TURAY) and
Photo by Dan Rest
Review by Ed Vincent

Lyric Opera's Premiere Presentation of
"STREET SCENE" is one of the most exciting events
to appear on any stage for the public at large.
Some Opera goers may find it hard to open their
hearts to a performance that is not in keeping with
the traditional events appearing on the Lyric's
stage.  This production is  a half Operatic and
half Broadway show, there are microphones that are
used to transmit the spoken word.  The hall has truly
wonderful acoustics, but it was designed for the
sung voice which is projected forth with some strength.
It is an exciting, vibrant show with sets to die for
(or die in... ).  It is filled with philosophical
inquiry, comical insinuations, parody of moments, and
dance to make the 1940's proud. These are
people we care about, people we know and people we have
known.  This is an American story in a time when we have
found new sentiment toward that ideal of one nation.
The work of Langston Hughes has infused the effort with
soul and purpose.  The Pulitzer prize for the original
play was no mistake.  If this is your first visit to
the Opera this is a good start.  If I had my way this
performance would have an open run for a year or more.

photo by Robert Kusel

Kurt Weill, Elmer Rice, and Langston Hughes
Weill-Lenya Research Center, New York

Lyric Opera Premiere
An American opera in two acts in English
Book by Elmer Rice
Lyrics by Langston Hughes
Music by Kurt Weill
Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Elmer Rice

First performed at the Shubert Theatre,
Philadelphia, on December 16, 1946
Broadway premiere at the Adelphi Theatre,
New York, on January 9,1947
First performed by Lyric Opera on October 2, 2001

At 7:30 p.m.: Tues., Oct. 2; Sat., Oct. 6; Tues.,
Oct. 9; Fri., Oct. 12; Mon., Oct. 15; on., Oct. 2;
Fri., Oct. 6; Fri., Oct. 12; Mon., Oct. 15; Wed.,
Oct. 24; Sat., Oct. 27; Sat., Nov. 3.
At 2:00 p.m.: Sun., Oct. 21; Wed., Oct. 31.

Greta Fiorentino       THERESA CINCIONE
Abraham Kaplan         PHILIP KRAUS
Salvation Army Girls   MELINA PYRON
                                 DEBRA SCHUERER-DeNOON

Emma Jones            JUDITH CHRISTIN
Olga Olsen              DOROTHY BYRNE
Carl Olsen               CHRISTOPHER FEIGUM
Negro Woman         GWENDOLYN BROWN
Shirley Kaplan         REBECCA FAY
Henry Davis            PATRICK BLACKWELL
Willie Maurrant        BENJAMIN ROSENBERG
Anna Maurrant         CATHERINE MALFITANO
Sam Kaplan             GREGORY TURAY
Daniel Buchanan      DAVID CANGELOSI
Frank Maurrant        DEAN PETERSON
George Jones            JAKE GARDNER
Steve Sankey           LARA TEETER
Lippo Fiorentino      ANTHONY MEE
Ice Cream Man        LES DAVIS
Mrs. Hildebrand      CAROLYN BERGHOFF
Jenny Hildebrand     JOHANNA McKENZIE MILLER
Charlie Hildebrand   TIMOTHY FETT
Mary Hildebrand     JENNY DOLSON
1st Graduate           CAMILLE KOWASH
2nd Graduate         MELONIE COLLMANN
Grace Davis           MELANIE BREZILL
Joe                        CODY CZMYR
Joan                      BETHANY O'GRADY
Myrtle                   SARAH BENKENDORF

Neighbors: Cathleen Dunn, Michele Giangiacomo,
  Dara Rahming, Christine Steyer, Sheryl Veal,
  Stacey Wheeler, Karen Wilberg; Thomas L. Potter,
  Ken Donovan, Tom Sillitti,

Children's Ensemble: Margaret Boehm, Ilana Goldberg,
  Lacie Goff, Courtney Jurick, Jenny Wheeler,
  Adam Berkendorf, Matthew Gorey

Conductor        RICHARD BUCKLEY
Stage Director  DAVID POUNTNEY
Associate Stage
  Director         NICOLETTE MOLNAR
Set and Costume
  Designer        DAVID FIELDING
Lighting Designer    PAUL PYANT
Sound Designer      OTIS MUNDERLOH
Chorus Master       DONALD PALUMBO
Original Choreography     DAVID TOGURI
Choreographer                NICOLA BOWIE
Ballet Mistress                SARA STEWART
Wigmaster and
 Makeup Designer           RICHARD JARVIE

Sally                           RACHEL ROBINSON
Rose Maurrant            LORI ANN FULLER
Harry Easter               TIMOTHY NOLEN
Mac Jones                  STEPHANIE ANN SHEPPARD
Dick McGann             KIRBY WARD

Vincent Jones    GLEN SCHON
Dr. Wilson        KURT MERRILL
Workman         ROBERT J. PRINDLE
Milkman          SEAN REID
2nd Policeman  LES DAVIS

Strawberry Seller         JOSEPH MARTORANO
Girl with Violin            SUSAN WILTRAKIS
City Marshal Henry     ROBERT SWAN
Fred Cullen                 LES DAVIS
Old Clothes Man         ROBERT MORRISSEY
Grocery Boy               CHIP SCHROEDER
Men                           WILLIAM M. COMBS
                                  MARK NIENOW
                                  RONALD WATKINS

1st Policeman              SEAN REID
Officer Murphy           DAVID ZARBOCK
Intern                         KURT MERRILL
Ambulance Driver       CHARLES PICARD
Furniture Movers        JOHN CONCEPCION
                                 KENNETH NICHOLS
1st Nursemaid            ERIN WOOD
2nd Nursemaid           LAUREN McNEESE
Married Couple          TOD KOWALLIS
                                 LYNN LUNDGREN
Fight Director            NICOLAS SANDYS
Casting Director        CINDY RUSH
Assistant Stage
  Director                  AMY HUTCHISON
Stage Manager          CAROLINE MOORES
Musical Preparation   ELIZABETH BUCCHERI
                                PAMELA BULLOCK
                                SUSAN MILLER HULT
                                PHILIP MOREHEAD
English Diction
 and Dialect Coach     LINDA GATES
Text Adaptation
 for Projected
 Titles                       FRANCIS RIZZO