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September 18, 2003

Rodney Adkins, 40,  of Broadview, Illinois is 
Charged with Three Counts of  Burglary and
one count of Murder.
by Ed Vincent
It was announced today that the long time criminal Rodney Adkins had graduated to the role of killer on July 31, 2003 
when he is alleged to have brutally broken the back of Ms. 
Catherine McAvinchey, of Oak Park and then left her on the floor in one room and went into the kitchen where he nearly
removed her head with a kitchen knife.  The dim-witted murderer to his stolen merchandise to a pawn shop and produced legal papers to show who he was.  Following the 
letter of the law when dealing with a pawn shop allowed Oak Park Police to charge this paroled convict when numerous 
items from the late Ms. Catherine McAvinchey's home.  Ms. McAvinchey's Sony Laptop computer, glasses and a watch 
were sold by Adkins to a local pawn shop where Oak Park police had posted items with serial numbers for the Pawn brokers to watch for.

Ms. Catherine McAvinchey
Ms. Catherine McAvinchey was a pleasant person who shopped
at a local food store.  She kept to herself and was an executive in the Neiman Marcus Store in downtown Chicago.  When we spoke with some neighbors, many were relieved and thankful that the Oak Park Detectives helped bring justice to the murdered woman.  Some parents in the area told their children right after the murder to come in the front door of the house only and do not use the rear door-where someone could force you into the house.  Things will be a little more relaxed now, 
but never the same.  The young adult that I spoke with about this murder can not understand the evil of the killer.

Anita Padilla from NBC 5 Brings the News
to Chicago and the Metro Area
Oak Park Journal photo
It has reported that Rodney Adkins has confessed to the murder of Ms. Catherine McAvinchey, and given the Police detailed information of the slaying.

September 15, 2003

Police Detectives and Residents Try to Make sense of the Murder Scene.  10:45 pm (July 31, 2003) at 936 Washington Blvd.
Oak Park Police Expected to Bring Charges On Murder at
939 Washington Blvd.
by Ed Vincent

We have been informed of several items that could help bring this horrific murder to the start of a conclusion and the naming of a suspect.  I had heard from police department sources that Oak Park Police had obtained blood that was reported to have come from the murderer at 939 Washington Blvd.  When Ms. Catherine McAvinchey, a woman who shopped at our local  stores, and enjoyed the Village where she lived, was brutally murdered in daylight, in her own kitchen, and the killer left a
scene that would cause many to have nightmares. The police
knew they had someone that had to be found and brought to justice.  I had written earlier that I thought this was not a random murder, and now I may have been wrong in my earlier belief.  The suspect in question though fits much of the info that we had earlier felt might fit "his" profile. "It is this reporters view that the perpetrator was not a random burglar.  We believe that it was a young male who was recently released from a jail, who hates women, has no value for human life, and will be caught by our police." 

It is now believed by many that the Murder of Ms. Catherine McAvinchey may already have been solved.  Oak Park police are working to fit in all the blanks and complete the puzzle, crossing all the "T's" and dotting all the "i's".  It is important to have all the evidence compiled before a charge can be brought forth.  Forest Park Police currently have the reported top suspect in the Cook County Jail.  The individual that Forest Park arrested with the help of Oak Park detectives is a very strong and violent man.  Forest Park had two burglaries of residents homes, a month after the murder of Ms. Catherine McAvinchey.  This is a man who was on parole for a burglary and arson in Oak Park back in 1995, when he was only 31 years old.  The man was convicted for burglary and arson to a home on the 500 block of north Ridgeland, and sentenced to 15 years in prison at the Pinckneyville Correctional Center.  He was out on parole after serving half of his time in jail and was working as a home health care worker.  It should probably be looked into if violent offenders (arsonists) should be allowed to have close companionship with vulnerable people as a job.  The 
man in jail for burglarizing two locations in Forest Park is 
5 foot 8 inches and weighs about 230 pounds.  He is 40 years 
old and has already admitted to the two Forest Park crimes and several additional burglaries in surrounding towns.  The court will make his parole invalid and with convictions on these two new cases (even without murder) this person is not going to see freedom for a long long time. This brutish criminal took his stolen merchandise to a local pawn shop for sale.   When Forest Park Detectives accompanied one the their victims to several Pawn Shops they came upon some jewelry which belonged to a woman and her flute was found in the store.  The Detective then identified himself to the owner of the pawn shop and requested to see the information required by law showing who had sold the items in question.  The owner of the Pawn shop had video and personal information giving the person's name and address.  The police then got warrants for the home of the man's mother and searched the domicile for stolen merchandise. 

Additional items were recovered and it was believed the mother had helped sell some of the stolen items. The arrested man did not admit to the murder in Oak Park of Ms. Catherine McAvinchey, but evidence of blood (DNA) and items believed to have been sold from the stolen apartment are reported on record.

The Oak Park detectives are said to be pleased with what they do have according to numerous police sources.    When Ms. Catherine McAvinchey was found brutally murdered many police felt that it must have been someone that she could identify, and someone that did not want to return to jail if caught.  It would also have to be someone who was very 
strong and violent. 

The method of entry info the burgled residences is simple and banal, it is brute force, repeated kicking over and over until the door gives way.  This repeated kicking at the door left many prints of the shoes sole on the door.  Using digital assistance from computers,  and graphics programs the shoes were able to be identified as to their manufacturer and date.  The real break though in all of Forest Park's fine detective work was the evidence found in the Pawn shop.  The shoe's prints did match the markings on the doors in Forest Park, and the confessions are also a big plus.  It is felt that the confessions to the burglary may have been an attempt to avoid more serious charges that Oak Park is preparing to levy.  The fact that the prime suspect is currently behind bars is good for all, Oak Park now has time to
prepare their case and see justice brought in the murder of a
very fine citizen of our town.  Names and photos will be released when Oak Park officially makes the charges public.
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Rodney Adkins, 40,  of Broadview, Illinois is 
Charged with Three Counts of  Murder.

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