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Doug Deuchler's  New Book Available Now
review by Ed Vincent
Doug Deuchler has just written a new book. Many of us know 
Doug from his wonderful work reviewing local plays and even movies.  He has led discussion groups on films and even given tours of some of the more notable local cemeteries (for Oak Park and River Forest Historical Society).  We have even watched Doug Deuchler go through comedy classes and come out ready for the Jay Leno Show..some day. 

Doug Deuchler has been a tremendous asset to Oak Park and
to the our very own Historical Society, his book is a labor of love
and a fine job to boot. The book of Oak Park in Vintage Postcards
is a trip down memory lane for many of us, even if we can't quiet
remember as far back as some of the cards.  The postcards of yesteryear are given meaning and history by the fine writing of Doug Deuchler.  The book itself is printed in a sepia tone and looks like a treasured antique from a bygone era.  The postcards show us a frozen moment in Oak Park's past and that past is clearly described by the work of Doug and with the help of many on the membership roles of the Historical Society.  This would make a fine gift for anyone who has either lived in Oak Park, is moving to Oak Park, or enjoys local history.  Please come and visit Doug at one of his many signings.

Coming this September 10th at the Historical Society of Oak Park & River Forest at 7:30 p.m., located  at 217 Home Ave. in Oak Park- "Pleasant Home". 

Book signing party on Sept. 10 for Doug Deuchler's new Oak Park 
postcard book Oak Park in Vintage Postcards, a new book by Doug 
Deuchler published by Arcadia Publishing in conjunction with 
the Historical Society, has just returned from the printer and 
is now available for $19.99 plus tax through the Historical Society

Doug, who has long been one of the Society's biggest supporters, 
will deliver some informal remarks about postcards and his work to produce this new book. Members who show their membership card that night will receive $2.00 off the book, representing the 10 percent discount in our Gift Shop for current members.

While Oak Park in Vintage Postcards also will be sold at local stores, the Historical Society will benefit more if you purchase it from us! Through Doug's generosity, all royalties also will benefit the Historical Society. When we mentioned that the book was in 
the works in our April newsletter, several of you stepped forward with postcards, some of which were incorporated into the book.

The 128-page book features 200 postcard images, many from the Historical Society's collection and from Society board member Joe May. Among the other planned book signings will be a Sept. 27 session at Barbara's Bookstore and a November signing at the new main Oak Park Public Library.