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December 12, 2003

Murderer David Edward Maust Lived in Oak Park for Two Years Recently, a block away from the Murdered Ms. Catherine McAvinchey and a block away from an Oak Park Middle School.

The building on the far left is Brooks Middle School (formerly Emerson)
and the building on the far right is the Apartment where David Edward Maust Lived for 2 Years.
Oak Park Journal photo

David Edward Maust has just been arrested and charged by
Indiana authorities for killing a young man named James Raganyi.  Hammond Police have reported that Maust confessed
to them in writing about the murder of young Raganyi.  When
the police searched his residence later they found the remains
of two other young men, later identified as a 13 year old Michael Dennis and 19 year old Nicholas James.  All three
victims were from Indiana.  David Edward Maust has been
trouble for many years. 

425 South Kenilworth in Oak Park
Oak Park Journal photo
In 1981 he was charged with killing a youthful 15 year old
boy Donald Jones from Elgin, Illinois.  Maust told the authorities how the young boy pleaded for his life.  Years 
before this act of murder Maust killed another young boy while  stationed in Germany, with the United States Army.  The boy
he killed was named Jimmy.  He first had sex with another young boy while in state care at the age of 13.  He has not
been convicted of sex offenses with children and therefore was
never placed on a sexual predator list for authorities to take note of. 

Maust has spent a lot of time as a youth in State care.  Wanting
to be loved and cared for, but having mostly anger and disgust
for himself led to his many self mutilations, attempted suicides
and finally multiple murders.

Rather than report more on his psychological issues many people want to know how he came to be released at all from 
jail, let alone early.  He came to be released earlier than his 35 year sentence because of "good behavior".  The law mandated
this action of early release, because of overcrowding in the 
State Prisons.  Each year the United States puts some 700,000
people behind bars, in jails, sentenced to prison for smoking

425  South Kenilworth in Oak Park
Oak Park Journal photo

425 South Kenilworth in Oak Park
Oak Park Journal photo

Maust has had a violent past that caused trouble in Texas,
trouble to a young boy involving a critical stabbing wounds to 
the youth.  When Oak Park police learned of the murderer living in Oak Park for two years flags went up and detectives searched the apartment and files for missing youths in our area.  The initial investigation has turned up no missing youths.

The Hammond Police Department is looking for other areas,
including Oak Park, where Maust may have lived or traveled.
The building below in the photo, close to a Middle School, 
close to the kind of target that Maust sought, may also have been a place where he enjoyed drugs, lots of drugs.  The less than palatial apartment does have some nice Ferraris in the

Oak Park Journal photo

When this killer was released to once again prey on the youth, no one was notified.  Why?  Because no one has to, no one is mandated by the law to inform Police departments when a monster like this is released from confinement.  There is a call
being heard now for the state and federal governments to inform local Police when a person of this type is released, to
inform victims of the release of predator of this type, or even
better, if a release like this one is ever warranted.  If Megan's
Law makes sense to the Feds perhaps a new law for the violent
murderer release would be called for.

David Edward Maust Arrest Photo
Police Issue Statement Regarding Maust Residency in Oak Park

Oak Park police today confirmed that the man charged with strangling a 16-year-old boy and then burying the youth's body in concrete in the basement of a Hammond, Ind., house, once lived in Oak Park. After confirming that David Maust lived here from May 2000 Ė December 2002 in an apartment on South Kenilworth Avenue, Oak Park Police investigators conducted a thorough search of the building, both inside and out, including Maustís former apartment. No indication was found of any type of foul play. In addition, investigators compiled a list of all missing persons reports for the time period and determined that none remained unaccounted for. Oak Park police are available to answer any questions Indiana law enforcement officials may have about Maustís one-time connection with the community and are eager to help any way with the investigation.