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June 12, 2001
Illinois State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka with Raggedy Andy
and the Wonderful Molly Mac Dou

Judy Baar Topinka, Todayís 
Woman and a lot more.
by Ed Vincent

Judy Baar Topinka is the Treasurer for the State of Illinois.  She invests the
States' money and watches it earn income for the taxpayers of Illinois. She
also has a website that will let people know if they have any unclaimed funds
from inheritance or wills left to them.  Iíve  used Ms. Topinka as an
example in the past several weeks as an individual who has adopted stray 
dogs that many would have left for euthanasia (killing with poison.) 

Several months ago Ms. Topinka came upon a small dog sentenced to death
for not being wanted by anyone.  The male dog, now called Raggedy Andy, is
most often called Andy.  He was found wandering around near a town called 
Andrew.  Andrew is about ten miles north of our State Capital of Springfield, 
Illinois.  If you drive north from Springfield you will come upon a small town 
called Sherman.  At Sherman you must go west a mile to reach Andrew. 

Once Raggedy Andy was captured, he was turned over to the Sangamon 
County Dog pound.  Judy Baar Topinka rescued Andy only a day or so
before his death was scheduled.  I think Andy is doll, and so did Ms. Topinka. 
She already has a Scottie, Molly Mac Dou, a beautiful black female with lots
of love and attitude.

Andy and Molly are now buddies and get to travel with our State Treasurer
all over the State. 

Fifteen or so years ago, Judy Baar Topinka was a State Senator and  led the
charge to keep Dog racing from coming to Illinois.  The steps she took saved
the lives of countless animals that would have been destroyed.   Each year
many racing greyhounds are killed, many are shot in the head and left in 
the country.  A racing dog is only valuable to the industry for a couple of
years of racing and then no longer has a chance of winning.  When youíre a 
racing dog and you canít win at all, youíre history.  Today many of the
useless greyhounds are adopted by folks that want a well behaved nice dog. 
These useless racers still make great pets and I have seen many in Oak Park.

State Treasurer Topinka is also currently working with Illinois State 
Representative Bill OíConnor to aid in the prevention of dogs being used in
dog fights.  There is legislation currently before the Governor that will take
the abuse of dogs in fights out of the Agricultural arena and place it in the 
criminal code.  This will allow police officers to arrest and charge offenders
with the criminal code for such conduct.

Raggedy Andy is a mixed breed dog who is a cross between a basset hound
and a terrier of some form.  When Ms. Topinka brought him home he 
needed a handful of teeth taken out (not figuratively but literally five teeth), 
extensive grooming and some hip work. 

Judy Baar Topinka lets it be known to her friends, staff and co-workers
that each year people should give to their local animal shelters for Holiday
gifts to her, if they so desire.  I am told a lot of money comes from the
friends of Judy Baar Topinka.  Below are links to the State Treasurers'
Office and the Website for unclaimed funds that may be looking for
your home (give it a try it's fast and easy).

If Judy Baar Topinka ever wants to run for Governor or President
she will have lots of support from the people in Illinois. 
Illinois State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka's Hyperlinks for 
Services from the Illinois Treasurer's office and to help you find
money that might be yours to claim



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