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An Oak Park Resident with a Plowing Complaint.

Oak Park, please change your show removal plan!  We have some of the highest taxes in the country and our streets have been a disaster this winter.  Neighboring towns have all done a better job than Oak Park.  I was on River Forest and Forest Park streets at 7:30pm last night and they were all in better shape than Oak Park's. 

Driving by the main post office on N. Kenilworth at 7:30 on 2/17, I almost got stuck!  There had been no plows down the street yet, not a single path.  Snow began that day before noon.  Where were the plows?  This was not a surprise show.  Priorities are off and timing has been way off all winter.  I give the snow removal plan a D minus this year!
On 2/17/14 we had about a 7 in. snow, mostly done by 5pm, had about an inch at noon.  why were there no plows down the street of the main post office or south Euclid and streets South of Oak Park Ave?  Not one, until after 7:30pm.  I am asking for one path, one plow.  Then plows were out on mains streets at 9am 2/18/14, when it was 27 degrees heading into the 40's with no snow to plow.  Who is managing the timing and the plan? 

On 2/18 after 12:00 plows were hitting the alleys, shoving snow back onto garage entrances after we had all plowed out to get to work or other engagements already.  Why wasn't this completed the prior night?
I thought the error in timing was a learning curve, because we have had so much more snow this year compared to usual, but it is just as bad now as when the shows began.
I get that there are lots of cars on the streets in places, at night and some of the problems are unavoidable.  But we need a better plan!!  Plows need to be out making a path, once we have 3 new inches.  They need to come around and dig out the "missed" places after people have left to work and alleys need to be plowed at night.
Don't even get me going about the constant 'plow in' of all sidewalks the day/s following snow, after we Oak Parkers have already dug out, as requested by law.  School children cannot even cross the streets safely over the mounds left.  I know I am not alone in this frustration.  I have heard my neighbors and friends enduring the struggle this winter.  I just know it can be better...look no further than neighboring towns, if you have lost hope.  Thanks for listening to my, "Give us a break already RANT!"

name withheld by request


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