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Wanted investment partner for Cheese Factory in Brazil. Location: North-East, State of Cearą (148.016 Km sq), city of Fortaleza: 3.000.000 inhabitants.


49% of business for € 195.000 (partner in all effects), a reminder of Fortaleza being one of the chosen cities for the world's Gold Cup soccer tournament 2014, optimal summer climate all year, long sandy gold beaches, much development of tourist industry, plenty of luxury hotels, restaurants, very active night life, etc.

The Cheese Factory was engineered by me, including the construction of all equipment needed (machinery, tools, etc) electric, hydraulic, etc, turn key operation, and allowing cost cutting 70% fully equipped for production of local and Italian cheeses, with a work capacity and manufacturing on a daily basis from 200 to 2000 Kilos of milk, with a net daily profit of 5000/6000 Euro; all relevant market research completed with; already providing client's portfolio, product distribution, and marketing; I have relevant and proven experience in abroad setting up of cheese factories on an industrial basis; perfect knowledge of both Brazilian, English and Italian; well introduced in local social and
administrative contexts.

Full know-how expertise.

For further information
disclosure please contact: Mike 0039.3803621372, e-mail:
Skype: Mike.brazil2

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