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Senate overwhelmingly rejects House Pension Legislation


The Illinois Senate rejected the House Pension proposal on Thursday on a bi-partisan vote.  The legislation is looked at by many members of the legislature as unconstitutional and an overreach by the House.


Senate Bill 1 would have slashed retirement benefits for working men and women as well as dramatically reducing retiree benefits for those already retired.


Conversely, Senate Bill 2404, currently held up in the House Rules Committee, is a negotiated pension reform plan worked out between legislators and unions who represent state workers and retirees.


The final vote count on Senate Bill 1 was 16 for with 42 against.


Please take a moment to list to Senator Linda Holmes' impassioned speech against the bill in the Senate.


With many concerned citizens calling their legislators and many of those legislators already against the SB1 the vote was a clear sign that teachers are important and better options must be found for the budget.