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Where is it Safest to Eat in Oak Park?

Our latest release of public health records in Oak Park is discouraging again unlike some states and towns around United States some local municipalities frown or shun information being revealed here. One way to get restaurant owners and food preparers to be more on the ball would be if they have these review records posted on the entrances for all to see, large and legible.

The extremely poor showing we noted from the reports shows a repetition in those extremely low ranges of a handful of restaurants.

A new year and continued problems with many restaurants and food providers that have been an issue for years.  It is a shame that many food establishments have been unwilling to take the health of their customers to heart when you look at many who fail to do what is needed to keep their food safe for consumers.  The elderly and young, and those with chronic health issues are always most at risk.

The free market should clean up these problem kitchens and would do so more if two items were in force, the results clearly posted for people to see within the restaurants and if their results were posted by the Village itself - like Chicago does.  

This report only covers Oak Park, but below are lists 
of tests for all the areas in the past.  We are working on updating the other towns now.

Some of the results may be surprising, but keep in mind that the businesses in the data base are out to make money and if they show little concern for the health of their patrons revealed in their poor health scores-you might want to look somewhere else for your food or meals.  The elderly and children are often most effected by poor sanitary conditions. 

The scores are based on a perfect being 100 and some of the low scores are very unreasonable.   Some of  the scores appear to be getting worse, some feel that is because the restaurants are being looked at closer.  

We would prefer that the tests be posted on the front door, the scores and grades.  This is done 
in some towns, why not here?

2012-2013 Oak Park Food Service Inspections
2012-2013 Oak Park Food Service Inspections Listed by Scores
2012-2013 Oak Park Food Service Inspections Alphabetical listing

Oak Park & River Forest Food Service Inspections 2010-2011
Oak Park & River Forest Food Service Inspection 2011
Oak Park & River Forest Food Service Inspections 2004

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