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Ray Chen
Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn
Violin Concertos

" Ray Chen, the new violin sensation is one of the top artists alive
today with a Stradivari, having a spirit with talent for the music we
all love. His works from Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn are on par
with the best ever performed ."

Suburban Journals of Chicago Inc.

review by Ed Vincent

Two of the most difficult and also most beautiful pieces created for the violin
were chosen by the young virtuoso Ray Chen for his album.  Chen's embrace of the feelings written in notes by the composers is evident in his interpretation of these grand concertos.  Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35, was written in 1878 while he was depressed and recovering from his unpleasant marriage to
Antonina Miliukova.  The concerto was begun in Clarens, on the bank of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.  His violin concerto is one of the most romantic and was inspired by perhaps many of his loves, but not his wife.  Mr. Chen's delivery of this composition is breathtaking.  Each subtle refrain and advance in melody is executed with wonderful precision and interpretation.

Felix Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64 is his last known large orchestral composition and is today a often paired with the first selection by
Tchaikovsky as a form of trial by fire to seperate those who can and those who can not.  These two selections rank among the most played and loved of all violin concertos, as both a difficult summit to attain and an adventure into some of the most beautiful melodies written for a master on the violin.  Ray Chen has not only mastered these two selections on his latest cd, but he is touring to thrill admirers around the globe in a series of live performances.  Get your tickets soon and get the cd to help you wait for his work in person.

Ray Chen

Suburban Journals of Chicago
published by Suburban Journals of  Chicago Inc.