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November 15, 2012

November 15, 2012 at Noon, Ms. Rasika R Chetlur Drove Her Car Into
742 South Grove.
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It Was Not An Architectural Problem Just an Error of Foot
by Ed Vincent

The 36 year old Ms. Rasika R Chetlur, a resident of Oak Park, Illinois, is not reported to have had an issue with the design of the residents front porch.  She informed the Oak Park Police that she had chosen the gas pedal instead of the brake.

She was driving a 2000 Accura TL car, be
fore crashing into the owners house.  With bad reaction time to the error, the car drove several feet within the house.  There was not enough damage to the home to inflict structural damage to the homes viability.  Inspectors came from the Village of Oak Park to check on the houses integrity.

Ms. Rasika R Chetlur was charged by the Police with "Failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident."  It could have been much worse, had there been children or other persons on the walk.

There was no report of drugs or alcohol being used.

A neighbor came and told me about her own daughter who was always an ungifted driver.  When she first started driving she had some three accidents in a year, none serious, but expensive.

It was a lucky day in many ways and we wish all involved more luck for the future.

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