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June 2011

Get a membership to Costco or Sam's Club or even both but the price to join as a member will pay itself off after you filled up your car or SUV tank only 10 or 12 times the savings typically for the past several months have been about $.20 sometimes more per gallon and if you figure in the $35 fee to $50 fee to join either of these warehouse clubs you'll find that's paid back in a very short period of time just a few months you'll break even

The other great reasons for getting a membership and buy all of your gas as much as you can from either Costco or Sam's is that you won't be directly buying it from the major oil distributors like Shell, BP, or Mobile.

If everyone did this, bought from a supply other than the oil companies, the oil equation of supply and demand would begin to work.

When they sell less from their pumps they will be forced, perhaps after a year or so to start looking at their profits and actually working against one another, a bit more than they are now which seems an awful lot like capitalism instead of the monopoly we seem to have now.

This will save you and the nation money and the money saved could go to your local charity or your family.

Don't forget the other benefits of membership in a buying club.  Many exclusive items only sold there and better to much better prices on many items.  One recent difference was $14.00 for coffee at Jewel vs. $9.99 at Sams club.

   Illinois Gas Prices and Comments

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