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April 2010 Book Review

Nujood Ali born was into a third world hotbed of ignorance and poverty, but still had aspirations of childhood with going to school and playing in her agenda, when local barbarous customs married her to a child hating brute.   A child, a virgin, married to a 30 year old monster, and in the countryside town that was just fine.

Yemen, a country of many slight variations of brutality is impoverished  with a medieval culture in the hand of dogmatic Islam.  The street scenes resemble many in the third world, people of all ages begging, dirt and garbage piled up or blowing in the wind.
This unfortunate young girl was at least lucky enough to be born into  a family with siblings who had sufficient intestinal fortitude to stand up for their individuality and human  rights.

In this modern day Dante's Inferno there were still  some heros that came to this childs rescue, a rescue that began with her actions and views of what life should be for a young girl.  There were three Judges that found pity on this child bride, one was
Mohammed al-għadha and then there was the female lawyer who took on this case pro bono, Shada Nasser.  If it were not for people like these Judges and the lawyer this living hell would have consumed this young person's future.

"The story is well written and the tale is haunting.  The facts are
a slap on the face of all decent people, and a punch to the perpetrators."
Suburban Journals of Chicago Inc.

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