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September 19, 2010

Mrs. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci, One of the Nicest Women in Town is Honored with Her Own Street in Forest Park.

by Ed Vincent

Residents and family gather to honor Mrs. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci.
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Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone gets everyone's attention as the ceremony is about to start.
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Mrs. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci has lived in her home at 7434 Warren Avenue, in Forest Park for over 84 years and has been an active member of the town for all that time.

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Mrs. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci is greeted by friends and family, some having traveled across the country to be here.
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Hugs and kisses, good wishes and time to get across the street.
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Mrs. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci with her children behind her, Jo Ann, Rose Ann, Mario, Ann Marie, and John.
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Mrs. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci with her grand children and great grand children behind her.
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After an afternoon of festivities Mrs. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci relaxes a moment and is thankful for her wonderful family and the town she loves.
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Doc Ryan's was a block away and had enough space for all the guests of the occasion, and even the Bears won in her honor. 

Mrs. Dorothy Tricoci is a wonderful woman, she is always pleasant and much of that has been passed on to her children, even her pets are nice.  We wish her and her family the best and a big congratulations.

Mrs. Dorothy Tricoci is interviewed by local media.
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Letter Requesting this special day

To the Honorable Mayor Anthony Calderone and Village Council  Members,

We are requesting an honorary street sign in honor of our mother and grandmother Dorothy Calderone Tricoci who has resided at 7434
Warren Street since 1927 when her father Antonio (Anthony) Calderone purchased the home. Dorothy was born at 7413 W. Madison Street in Forest Park Illinois also a property owned by her father.  Her Father, Antonio (Anthony) Calderone was a respectable businessman in Forest Park and was a pioneer who emigrated to Chicago from Termini Imerese province of Palermo Sicily at the age of 12. Dorothy and her wonderful husband Mario Tricoci raised five children at their home 7434 Warren Street along with seven grandchildren,  great grandchildren, many still reside in Forest Park!!  Dorothy was a Brownie, Girl Scout leader, always having her children involved in community sports, recreation, etc. Dorothy and Mario Tricoci always looked after their neighbors young and old and were the first ones to help anyone in time of need (following the footsteps of our grandparents Antonio and Anna (Scolaro) Calderone. We are proud of our "roots" in Forest Park and would be greatly honored to have Warren Street named in respect to our families.

Thank you for your consideration. 


Mario Joseph and Angela Tricoci

The Resolution Passes Unanimously



WHEREAS, Mrs. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci has lived in her home at 7434 Warren Avenue for over 84 years; and

WHEREAS, Dorothy was born on May 8th, 1924, on the second floor of 7413 Madison Street in Forest Park, above the IGA Grocery store owned by her father where she lived with her parents, Anna and Antonio Calderone, along with her brother, August; and

WHEREAS, in1926 her parents purchased the home at 7434 Warren Avenue where the family relocated. Dorothy grew up attending Forest Park schools and working many long hours with her brother Gus at their family store, all the while taking care of her Mother who became ill and subsequently moving on to work for the Proviso Township Office as a clerk for over 20 years; and

WHEREAS, Dorothy met and married Mario Tricoci, whose wedding reception was attended by 1500 family and friends, and they remained at the family home located at 7434 Warren where they proceeded to raise their five children; John, Rosanne, Mario, AnnMarie, and Joanne; and

WHEREAS, Dorothy was a Brownie/Girl Scout leader for many years, as well as the treasurer for the Grant White PTA, encouraging her children to participate in community sports and community service, attending St. Bernardine Church and becoming a member of its Woman’s Club, and a member of the V.F.W. Woman’s Auxiliary Post; and

WHEREAS, Dorothy and her husband were married for 48 years, and she nursed and cared for her husband for 15 of those years after he suffered a tragic stroke, all the while raising her five children and working full time; and

WHEREAS, Dorothy is an avid card player who enjoys spending her senior years playing poker almost as much as she enjoys her time with her children, her six grandchildren and her eleven great grandchildren; and

WHEREAS, over the decades Dorothy has been a wonderful example of a civic minded, family oriented, strong woman whose behavior has positively influenced her entire family and in particular, her son Mario, a 31 year veteran Forest Park Firefighter; her grandson Tony, a Franklin Park Firefighter; and her granddaughter Angela who is the first female Public Safety Officer for the Village of Rosemont.

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