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January 2009

© Suburban Journals of Chicago photo from sidewalk

The Five Guys Can't Hold a Candle to Oak Park's Other Restaurants.
review by Ed Vincent

Opening day of the Five Guys eatery, at 1115 Lake Street in Oak Park, was so filled with eager customers and invitees
that finding a seat at lunchtime was unthinkable.   The restaurant was filled, people were smiling, and the meat was being prepared.  I would wait another week before another review attempt. 

I often dine with friends and clients in Oak Park at a number
of restaurants,  so on the week following the opening at noon time on a Tuesday I entered the Five Guys Restaurant and found as many people behind the counter as there were customers in the restaurant. 

The folks behind the counter were both polite and efficient, gracious and on time.  I ordered a cheeseburger and fries along with a drink, as did my friend.  Now begins the review:  If you want a better burger for half the money buy a Whopper.  If you want a better burger go to Bar Louie’s in Oak Park, Avenue
Ale House or in the evening Marion Street Grille (
all listed below). 

The three places recommended are all
about the same price
for their burgers, all use Black Angus beef, which is not used
by the Five Guys and all of them include fries with the burger for about 25 cents more than what you will pay at the Five Guys.  The bun on the burger at Five Guys looks like it came from Jewel’s private label 8 buns in a pack special.  The fries
at the Five Guys couldn’t hold a candle to the afore mentioned restaurants’ fries. 

At our lunch that day we couldn’t even finish our fries and discarded half of them.   If you like décor with your epicurean adventures the tile walls of a men’s bathroom don’t compare with natural woods and big screen TVs, so I world highly recommend going across the street and treating your appetite and sensibilities to a Bar Louie’s open hearth grilled made to order and made to make you smile.  The best buns are from
Marion Street Grill where they make their own.

These are two sandwich halves from Bar Louie, on the left a club sandwich and on the right a Louie with provalone cheese and cooked the way you ask.
© Suburban Journals of Chicago photo

The soda was just fine at the Five Guys, but when you
want to eat and get more and better for your money
try one of places below:

Bar Louie Oak Park
1122 Lake St
Oak Park, IL 60301
(708) 725-3300

Marion Street Grille
189 N Marion St
Oak Park, IL 60301
(708) 383-1551

Avenue Ale House
825 S Oak Park Ave
Oak Park, IL 60304
(708) 848-2801

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published by Suburban Journals of  Chicago Inc.