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A Night in May
review by Ed Vincent

Franco Martorana, with a voice the muses have blessed, and
Christine Steyer, perhaps a muse herself have put together a
wonderful album filled with many delights for the human ear
and the heart.  Mr. Paul Geiger joins them on this album with
his grand baritone voice. 

Mr. Martorana has one of the fullest, richest, tenor voices on
this planet.  He has an incredible range in his voice, mixed well
with a grand interpretation of the works he sings.  All tenors
should like him as well, he is perfect, and very personable.

Christine Steyer has a strong and beautiful voice, with a gifted
virtuosity of range and coloratura charm, housed in a presence
reminiscent of a young Elizabeth Taylor. 

Paul Geiger is well known locally for his writing and spoken narration for some of Bellissima past productions, his singing
is powerful and engaging.

This album celebrates some of the grand arias from La Traviata,
cherished by their countless devotees.  The album of selected
hits from their production is a winning combination of duets
along with some other selections of current songs.  Every performance that this ensemble of singers has had was a
dramatic statement of beauty and art.  This album is a treat
for all who love dynamic grand Opera performed with heart
and soul.  

Christine Steyer Website
Franco Martorana Website
Bellissima Opera Productions to Purchase the Recording

Come And Meet the Artists at Their New CD Debut in Oak  Park on February 10, 2008   
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