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513 Hannah, Forest Park, the home of Murder Victim David Carlson.
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Police Looking for Clues Into Murder of David Carlson
report by Ed Vincent

The official report states that Mr. David Carlson was murdered on December 20, 2007 around 9:00 pm.  He was taken to the Oak Park Hospital where he was pronounced dead by doctors.  It is believed that he may have died an hour or so earlier in an attempted robbery in his garage.  It is also currently thought that he was not singled out by any person, but rather the victim of random violence.  The violence has neighbors concerned and frightened for their safety, but because of its random nature fears should be less.  In many, if not most homicides people often know the people who kill them.  In the case of Mr.
Carlson, he probably didn't know his killer and may not have ever seen him(
?) before in his life.  We have heard rumors
that the fatal shot to the head was not a direct shot similar to
an execution shot, but rather one that was a glancing wound that still took his life--
but also may have shown a struggle at the time of discharge.

Mr. David Carlson's body was found by his business partner
and roomate Mr. Schallhammer.  Mr. Carlson and Mr. Schallhammer owned the apartment building at 513 Hannah,
in Forest Park and other other properties in town.

There were motives thought about perhaps like a potential hate crime, a business problem, revenge, but the neighbors found Mr. Carlson a wonderful man who kept to himself and was always polite and quite.  The random act of violence seems to
be fitting more the motive of action.  It is also almost certain that the individual may have come into Forest Park and left Forest Park by the Blue line (Congress train) located at Des Plaines and the Expressway.  Some of the murders occurring
in Oak Park may also have made use of the Blue line to come
to Oak Park. 

It would be worth considering that Oak Park and Forest Park think about installing cameras to cover the trains coming into and leaving town, it would not incourage crime and may very well help find perpetrators in the future.

If anyone has information about the incident on the night
of December 20th they should call the Forest Park Police at
708-366-2425 (
callers do not need to leave their names).  If
anyone saw a person, perhaps a young male adult who acting nervous or anxious on the Blue line platform on that night
from 7:30-9:00pm please call and perhaps you can help solve this case.

The Garage at 513 Hannah, Forest Park, the home of Murder Victim David Carlson.
© Suburban Journals of  Chicago Inc. photo

© Suburban Journals of  Chicago Inc.
published by Suburban Journals of  Chicago Inc.