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Raising Genius (2004)
Directed by Bess Wiley & Linda Voorhees
review by Ed Vincent

A fun quirky ride down the entrails of humor.  Perhaps today's version of Harold and Maude.  I am not certain that there is a normal person in the film at all.  The young man with hormones on fire for a cheerleader and another portion of his brain juggling equations to find balance - is perhaps more common as a metaphor in today's world of indulged youth and pampered realities. 

It is a fun gallop with a myriad of notable actors
and actresses.  This is a slice of today's world seen through
the eye of a gifted director Bess Wiley.   Ms. Wiley has
worked the camera with some of today's best directors
and she directs this soon to be cult classic with inventive
camera angles and a flair for art and drama.

If you enjoyed Harold and Maude, you will love this
film.  I even like this film better than the 1971 film
directed by Hal Ashby.

Raising Genius (2004)
Directed by Bess Wiley & Linda Voorhees

Writing credits (WGA)
Linda Voorhees (written by)

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Tagline: It's Only Locked On The Inside...

Plot Summary: The film is about a boy (Justin Long) who locks himself in the bathroom to work out math equations on the shower wall...

Credited cast:

    Justin Long    ....     Hal Nestor

    Wendie Malick    ....     Nancy Nestor

    Ed Begley Jr.    ....     Dr. Curly Weeks

    Stephen Root    ....     Dwight Nestor

    Danica McKellar    ....     Lacy Baldwin

    Megan Cavanagh    ....     Charlene Hobbs

    Mark DeCarlo    ....     Officer Hunter

    Tippi Hedren    ....     Granma Babe

    Clint Howard    ....     Mr. Goss

    Sam Huntington    ....     Bic

    Shirley Jones    ....     Aunt Sis

    Joel Moore    ....     Rolf

    J. Bretton Truett    ....     Dr. Van Heizen

    Travis Wester    ....     Rudy

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