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The Story
by Brandi Carlile
review by Ed Vincent

I loved this new album by Brandi Carlile.  She has a real
talent for writing and her singing is distinctive and grand.
She has one of the broadest ranges of vocal styles and gifts
singing in the pop area.

She has a wonderful mezzo-soprano range that can morph
quickly to a Janis Joplin crackling rock yell and back to her
smooth beautiful folksy temper.  Her lyrics and well chosen delivery are a wonderful blend of talent and art.

Ms. Carlile's new album "The Story", may be one of the
best albums of the year and deserves a good listen.  I hope
that Brandi Carlile performs for many years.  I will look
forward to her next album as I continue to listen to her

Singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile opens up heart, soul, and psyche in a series of memorable songs that invite you into her world. Driven by Carlile's dynamic vocals, the album's 13 tracks pulse with a raw and road-worthy intensity that is much closer to her live concert sound than her self-titled debut album. "The new songs may surprise people who only know us through the first album," Brandi says, "if you've seen us play, you'll realize this is the direction we've been heading in the whole time."

Brandi Carlile...The Story


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